Visual Fields

Innovative revolutionary technology enabling 2 min VF screening  

Detect eye conditions glaucoma, retinal disease, optic neuropathies, neurological conditions which, 
may otherwise go undetected!
  • Validated (TGA registered) by Melbourne Rapid Fields, 
    screening the entire VF (up to 30′)
  • Average test time 1.45 to 2 min, 
    making it easy to add as a pre-test all patients 
  • Use existing PC or tablets (screen size > 247mm/9.7” Diag)
    and makes screening Covid safe and low cost
  • Detect eye conditions early, 
    such as glaucoma, retinal disease, optic neuropathies as well as neurological conditions (stroke, MS) which may otherwise go undetected 
  • A full threshold VF can be conducted on the same device if required
  • Integration with your PMS with reporting make it seamless & efficient to use