Personalise, customize and differentiate the way that contact lenses are purchased
Set your practice apart from your competition and improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales

Competition has increased and consumers have been exposed to more options.
mycontactlenses® is an interactive sales software tool providing a prescribing and selling solution.

For support staff it assists with answering

  • Contact lens questions
  • Staff training
  • Patient education
  • Increase sales
  • Patient Instructions & Resources

For the optometrist it assists in:

  • Determining trial lens of choice
  • Pricing
  • Patient Education
  • Patient Retention


Consultative Selling

Consumers feel understood & their needs addressed.

technology led solution

Innovative algorithms determine the optical technical requirements according to frame & prescription.

patient education

Consumer understand the differences between products in quality & value leading to improved visual outcomes.

interactive & Engaging

Delivers consumer centric eyecare and improved customer satisfaction.

training Effciency

Train staff in a fraction of the time & consistently deliver improved outcomes.

Personalised eyecare

Consumers feel more understood and helped as opposed to be sold products.

productivity improvements

Saves staff time leaving them to deliver improved patient care.

delivers best practice

Provides a consistent delivery and compliance to best practice each and every ti,e