Consumers have changed the way they purchase goods & services.

myeyes helps you deliver on these expectations, saving time,
increasing patient satisfaction, retention and leading to improved eyecare outcomes.


myeyes intuitive platform is flexible enough to  meet your
practice needs helping deliver consumer centric health care.

Why myeyes?

Delivers a consistent personalised customer experience across your team.
Consumers are educated on choices & options available to them.
Improves satisfaction, loyalty & patient retention.
Results in improved visual outcomes driven by patient choice.
Delivers a new unique patient experience. 

For The Patient

For The Team

For The Practice

  • Delivers a consistent personalised customer experience across your team.
    Consumers are educated on choices & options available to them.
  • Improves satisfaction, loyalty & patient retention.
  • Results in improved visual outcomes driven by patient choice.
  • Delivers a new unique patient experience. 
  • Improves efficiency, saving time.
  • Helps provide a personalised solution vs selling products.
  • Compliance to best practice & consistency. 
  • Builds word of mouth referrals.
    Reduces errors & remakes.
  • Cost savings.
  • Avoids customer dissatisfaction.
  • Increases patient loyalty & customer retention.
  • Increases sales driven by consumer choice.
  • Seamless and integrated with Optomate & Vision.

What Optometrists Say!​

“myeyes is the program that takes optometry and dispensing into the 21st century. It helps provide a customised, patient first experience, to help your patients feel confident in their optical choices. In the 12 months which we have been using myeyes, we have found that we have had higher average patient spend, significantly improved patient flow and amazing customer feedback.. We have also found that because myeyes chooses the lenses that the labs prefer, we have been able to speed up our job ordering time by 150%. It reduces errors and this means that we don't miss adding grind prices or other add ons. This also means that new, and lesser experienced staff are able to focus on providing amazing customer experiences when choosing frames, knowing that myeyes will do all the hard work of lens selection for them. It's a win win. It has now become an integral part of daily workflow, and we can’t imagine running our business without it.
Adrian Vecchio
Co-owner Russo Optometry Vic
“The check-in tool incorporated in to the myeyes program has become an invaluable way to accurately collect new patient information in a professional manner whilst capturing lifestyle questions, and in the current COVID well, starting the screening process for patients entering the practice. Collecting this data electronically saves time on the day of the patient’s eye test along with a quick streamline way of saving to our PMS” “The various simulation tools, like the anti-reflective coating simulation, are useful both in the consulting room during lens discussions along with at the time of lens selection with the dispenser. The simulations are easy to use, simple and effective” “The NPS features built-in to the myeyes program allow for an easily automated process of capturing our NPS rating, providing feedback to our team, along with quickly addressing any concerns raised from customers during the NPS feedback process”.
Aaron Henry
Owner Aaron Henry Optometry NSW
"The myeyes online booking system is a huge step forward for us at Rose Optometry. We wanted a system that could work with Optomate and also integrate a net promoter score as well as be used as a dispensing tool. What we love is the ability for a patient to be able to book their own appointment either via the unique text link, or web link in an email recall as well as on the website. Jim and his team are very proactive and fast in terms of help desk queries. The NPS tool is automatic and has resulted in us doubling our google reviews in just under one month of use. Thanks Jim and the team! The final thing that we noted about the online appointment book was our ability to be in charge of our patient data."

Jagrut Lallu
Rose Optometrists NZ
SOLUTIONS built specifically for eyecare

Our configurable solutions deliver immediate benefits, each with a considerable return-on-investment. myeyes experts help localize the solution to your organizational needs, and quickly integrate with your PMS with minimal effort.


Book on line via your web site 24/7. Bookings link your recalls, increasing convenience. Customised to your set up.

Check In

Checking in prior to their appointment or whilst in store. COVID-19 Triage questions. Enable COVID-19 tracking for all entering the store.


Clinical patient engagement to change the existing exam experience. Animations explaining eye conditions. Send information & vision reports to patients, differentiating your service.

VF Icon
Visual Field Screening

Revolutionary innovative MRF technology (TGA Reg) for VF screening average time 2min using existing PC/tablet & Covid safe.​


Telehealth video calls via your browser specifically made for eyecare.Tools to provide customer convenience and differentiate your service.


Net Promotor Score (NPS) Surveys.Automated to save time.Build a reputation on review sites.Increase 5 star reviews.Improve organic SEO, to be found easily.Build trust. Gain insights to improve business operations.Improve customer retention.


Personalise dispensing. Assist consumers to make informed decisions based on their needs not on price. Improve customer satisfaction.


Become the eyestyle expert. Helps your team to be confident stylists advising on frame styles, shapes & colours.


Gives consumers experience on “how it looks” Browser Web cam devices used to take multiple pictures to enable comparison and sharing


Innovative way for Optical staff to update their product knowledge and training.


Gain valuable insights.Track and measure.Enables team performance management.

Customised to your needs

Customise to your store requirements.

Full hosted and secure.

Hassle Free, no hardware to worry about. Updates are taken care of for you. Use across operating platforms and devices.